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What Lies in the Future October 24, 2008

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What Lies in the Future
Jay Albano
(10-24-2008 14:25 +8:00 GMT)

No one knows what might happen tomorrow.
Even though how much we prepare for it,
it may end up in vanity.
Simply put, all things are vanity.

We live through the grace of God;
For without God, we are nothing.
As with every days in our life,
it is likely to say that for all the days we travelled,
We owe it to God, yet it is both grace and gift.

We count all our friends,
remembering all their smiling faces and experiences.
With all of life’s gifts received and given,
we make a name to ourselves for who we are.

Such unspeakable thanks is worthy before God.
We may end up going against Him yet He loved us.
For what reason should we go against thee?
None. None indeed.

For what we plan for tomorrow,
lay it before God.
We have so much dreams we try to hold.
So much that we forgot God,
Thou must not be the case.

For God is everything.
He knows what might happen next.
Lay your trust before Him
and everything will be alright.

As you are traveling now the new days of your life,
give it to the Lord.
He has the best plans for you.
Trust, have faith and believe him.
Everything else before you then is His great love.


The World Beyond October 21, 2008

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This is a special story. Why special? Cause this is a story made by different people through concatenating three words consecutively. This is known as “Three Word Story“. I have been familiar with this ever since I played Dominion (http://kamikazegames.com/dominion). Together with my realm mates, we were able to make this story. This will be a souveneir to all my realm mates, as I have been the King in that realm luckily, and a way of saying thanks for all their cooperation. It was a fun round. Until the next round we meet.


The World Beyond 
Authors: (dominion realm 16 of round 51) 
– Aura Lee 
– Solitary Diver 
– Ore Miner 
– Davy Jones 
– Dawn 
– Ariph 
– Velar Implosive 
– Wizened Cenn 
– Tyrannosaurus 
– Velociraptor 
– Tellac 
– Worklikedog 
– Kandahar 
– Dancing Dwarfs

He wipes his tiny pink umbrella on the rim with all might and insane sight. His eyes were glaring over the zomg lorian’s back. A rollercoaster is running down over a strange valley where tits scattered like a flattend dough with raisins. An earthquake from old tombs beneath the barbershop in the land of donkeys and strange had destroyed the old fortress in the northern woods. A giant sheep has wrecked our house and smashed the barn into thousands of deliciouos and delectable pieces of rotten bananas and meat. A monkey named “Mozilla the Gorilla” danced with a piece of underware and some fluffy pants worn over pink metaltrousers with shiny green buttons. General Odd was really odd when he tries to create strange creatures playing spore and dancing like a giant, green maniac over the streets. A tiny ball has roll over your fathers old boots to the pond and caused them to dry.

When the pond swells like an imitation of Jabba, everyone then stays close the ocean. From the forest, weird echoes lurks. Getting closer to Jabba the HUt as he prepares to commit suicide. Jabba dies without even wiping his butt. From his mouth oozes the mysterious neon pink chemicals made of Hut’s sh*ts overflowing with extreme joy and corn. Suddenly an army of the Dark Tomatoes was surrounded by green leafy vegetables. “Wow! David Hasselhoff!”, said Indiana Jones. He was referring to the monk who is a Donut from Argentina and tastes like a rusty pumpkin. “Munk, munk, munk”, said the kind Monk starting to munch the big Munks. And from then on, the Munk was finally mute and mostly naked, sort of. Then, from a distant valley, a condom-like creature appears. And these creatures unleashes oily and solid Stonelions with crazy linings and thorny rubbers.

What a sight! Full of messy candysticks and frogs. They turned out into a gigantic field of colors. When the frogs congregated, chaos was all over the once peaceful world of Papa John’s. Oh! why does Star Wars ends like the usual hollywood actors and very skilled stuntmen. Squirrels of doom dancing around the swimming pool had great problems with summoning the terrible Davy Jones’ beastie. The beastie ate the sacred grapefruit from the mystical tomb of pain. Suddenly, the army of hovering bunnies conquered one acre of the forest and left miserable because of the excessive numbers of rotten rollercoasters near the courtroom. When the ancient dude get himself known as Jabbas cousin he suddenly smiled and pull a wild dog from the dark pond. The dog was wagging his tail and showing some cleavage, which was watching over the saints in the far arched corner.

Then, all of the members of the far realm of 52 were mercilessly attacked through eating chocolate-coated fireballs, thunderstorms and pestilence from the tree, and earth-shaking beavers and eagles, while the members of an old blood-sucking mammals were at bay on east Hawaii. When the tides came back from drifting hastily into the deep blue, a shark named abyss, and sparkling creatures born in the side bay emerged. This strange creatures suddenly ate the pumpkin from another forest located nearby the realm of 52. Icetea was served with ice-cold coca cola and a smelly cookie with old pizza in mushroom toppings. A young man grabbed the toppings and squeezed them right on the face of a strong, gay, orcish crocodile. The crocodile screamed very loud while feasting on candystick and a chocolate-flavored lollipop. The crocodile jumped down the hill and ran to the clear, cold river.

The End.

USEP Institute of Computing Department – NEW WEBSITE! August 27, 2008

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You read it right! The University of Southeastern Philippines – Institute of Computing Website has a new look! It is not new as in totally new since USEP-IC already has a website before but as the time pass by, it became less and less popular. But now, it has been revived and has come up into something that goes beyond my expectation. So its new since its totally overhauled… from the look down to the organization, from contents down to dynamic information display.

click here to take a visit: http://www.usep.edu.ph/colleges/computing/

A great buddy of mine, Rolly, send me this link when I was working, and then another message followed saying, “Joomla”. I was wondering and replied, “???”. Laugh all you want, how should I know! To be honest and I do not mean to be harsh, the previous website did not catch my attention at all (all those heavy graphics and with an aura telling me, don’t return to this page, eheh). But when I get to this link… and at first glance, I got this chills, and have something in my mind, “Is this something new?!”, with an expression telling me that it did goes beyond my expectation. It was a nice site.

What makes me to like the new website is because it has more information than before and yet well organized. Am not so fond of heavy graphics and all. What I want to see was a simple yet professional looking website… and this one is freakin’ great! Of course I could not tell something totally great, it is yet to be improved but definitely a great big leap from the previous one. It really looks like Joomla though, lol.

Great work to the USEP web master and the developers behind it! Hope to see more developments to it. 🙂


I had a lot to look though about this website so I will add some more info soon.

Truth and Lies August 20, 2008

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Truth and Lies
Jay Albano
(08-20-08 10:18am)

How do you see me?
Do you believe the things I have told you?
When I smile, do you see my sadness?
It is not a cover up, It is what I am.

Oh, when the sun shines through over the thick forest,
Did you find my shadows?
When I said I loved you, have you felt hate in it?
Is there something that lingers in your thoughts that makes you hesitant?

When I told you that you have not seen the other part of me,
Do you see it negatively?
Or is it you believe that
what I have shown you before were all lies?

What I am before is me and what I am now is me.
And all those me are a part of me.
All those memoir are real
and the things that I have been showing you are true.

What I want to show you is me,
in different angles, in different aspects.
Cause I want to be true to you,
but I guess things will never be the same as before.

Knowing thy past is understanding thyself.
Yet moving forward for the world will not stop turning for you.
Hard it is, but life is like this.
Life maybe unfair, but the memoir I had with you is true.

Summer in here! April 18, 2008

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Unspoken Unfeigned Words April 10, 2008

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Unspoken Unfeigned Words
Jay Albano
(04-01-2008 8:49 GMT +8:00)

When I try to think of words I should tell you,
Nothing comes, it’s just so hard to think of one.
Just when i thought words would just came out,
It did not, nothing spills out when I’m with you.

And I wonder, why words are very hard to find.
I can say you are beautiful yet it does not suffice.
I can say you are smart, kind and responsible
But you’re worth more than that.
And so I wonder again, why is it so hard.

Alas, I came to realize that words are hard to find
When you try to say it to someone very special.
Yet I want you to realize that even there are words unspoken,
They are unfeigned and true in nature.

Pain of Life and Vanity April 10, 2008

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Pain of Life and Vanity
Jay Albano
(03-25-2008 10:04 +8:00 GMT)

Life is complex and often misunderstood.
It is partly composed of vile experiences that we, ourselves, caused.
We subdue others for our mistakes.

Yet God cares for us, you know why?
Because He does not look of what we are now
But He sees what we could become if we only understand His love.

He is jealous not because of what we have
But he is jealous of things He knew we could have,
Things that could make us better yet we do not have.

His love is simple yet amazing.
It is unmeasureable in any means we could think of,
And He gave us this love without reservation.

The passion of life is often subject to constant changes
because we could only hold on things so much
nothing more and most likely tend to keep it lesser.

God’s love is incomparable, loving us no matter what we are.
A care no one could ever give.
He is always inside you, knocking, waiting.

Open your heart and you will understand.
Choose righteousness and you will see His greatness.
Choose God and you will realize everything else is vanity.