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Truth and Lies August 20, 2008

Posted by bluejay002 in Literatures.
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Truth and Lies
Jay Albano
(08-20-08 10:18am)

How do you see me?
Do you believe the things I have told you?
When I smile, do you see my sadness?
It is not a cover up, It is what I am.

Oh, when the sun shines through over the thick forest,
Did you find my shadows?
When I said I loved you, have you felt hate in it?
Is there something that lingers in your thoughts that makes you hesitant?

When I told you that you have not seen the other part of me,
Do you see it negatively?
Or is it you believe that
what I have shown you before were all lies?

What I am before is me and what I am now is me.
And all those me are a part of me.
All those memoir are real
and the things that I have been showing you are true.

What I want to show you is me,
in different angles, in different aspects.
Cause I want to be true to you,
but I guess things will never be the same as before.

Knowing thy past is understanding thyself.
Yet moving forward for the world will not stop turning for you.
Hard it is, but life is like this.
Life maybe unfair, but the memoir I had with you is true.


Unspoken Unfeigned Words April 10, 2008

Posted by bluejay002 in Literatures.
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Unspoken Unfeigned Words
Jay Albano
(04-01-2008 8:49 GMT +8:00)

When I try to think of words I should tell you,
Nothing comes, it’s just so hard to think of one.
Just when i thought words would just came out,
It did not, nothing spills out when I’m with you.

And I wonder, why words are very hard to find.
I can say you are beautiful yet it does not suffice.
I can say you are smart, kind and responsible
But you’re worth more than that.
And so I wonder again, why is it so hard.

Alas, I came to realize that words are hard to find
When you try to say it to someone very special.
Yet I want you to realize that even there are words unspoken,
They are unfeigned and true in nature.