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How to promote your blog? May 7, 2008

Posted by Sakura in Tech Notes, Techie Updates.

For several months, I keep asking myself on how will I promote my blog site? For any other reason I had said to myself, “Why should I have to promote my blog either?

Blogger forums and community for a start in order to promote my blogs. I joined several online blogger groups in order to update and review my sessions in blogging. I had friends and even exchange links to others for my blogs to be read.

I asked my online friends on how they’d be able to increase their blog status higher as they expected. They gave me some of the points to learn. The top three points where;

First, my blogs should be professionalized and personalized. I should sticked on a topic that tops the hit chart online. It doesn’t mean all the time that you go on to the topic that almost all bloggers talked about. Be imaginative enough to deliver your own concept of blogging. And do update your blog/s as possible.

Second, if other blogger/s do some comment/s in your blog. Do visits their sites also and leave some comment/s. It will increase the possibility that others may click your link site and increase the status of your blog. And if there is no comment at all, do blog hop and be the first to comment to those sites you’d like to read or gets your interests.

Third, go on to the forums or groups. It might help your blog increase its status in a little way but at least you’ve gained friends on the net and be able to exchange links to them. Advertise your blog to them. Sooner or later you might get the status you want on your blog.

Finally, if the three above mentioned where no used either one. Maybe you better find some alternative to increase your blog status.

In desperate, I followed all three steps in order to increase my blog status and in surprised, although it is not high as what I expected it seems a good thing for me to have visitors and had some comments a day.

Totally, I enjoyed how blogging works. Maybe in others they do it differently as what I had but as a whole, whether it is bad or good, it is completely views.

Each bloggers had their own concepts on how to promote their own blogs. Whatever it is? how they be able to apply it? where they want to have?… is absolutely up to them.

So?…how do you promote your blog?