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USEP Institute of Computing Department – NEW WEBSITE! August 27, 2008

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You read it right! The University of Southeastern Philippines – Institute of Computing Website has a new look! It is not new as in totally new since USEP-IC already has a website before but as the time pass by, it became less and less popular. But now, it has been revived and has come up into something that goes beyond my expectation. So its new since its totally overhauled… from the look down to the organization, from contents down to dynamic information display.

click here to take a visit: http://www.usep.edu.ph/colleges/computing/

A great buddy of mine, Rolly, send me this link when I was working, and then another message followed saying, “Joomla”. I was wondering and replied, “???”. Laugh all you want, how should I know! To be honest and I do not mean to be harsh, the previous website did not catch my attention at all (all those heavy graphics and with an aura telling me, don’t return to this page, eheh). But when I get to this link… and at first glance, I got this chills, and have something in my mind, “Is this something new?!”, with an expression telling me that it did goes beyond my expectation. It was a nice site.

What makes me to like the new website is because it has more information than before and yet well organized. Am not so fond of heavy graphics and all. What I want to see was a simple yet professional looking website… and this one is freakin’ great! Of course I could not tell something totally great, it is yet to be improved but definitely a great big leap from the previous one. It really looks like Joomla though, lol.

Great work to the USEP web master and the developers behind it! Hope to see more developments to it. 🙂


I had a lot to look though about this website so I will add some more info soon.



1. jigs - September 18, 2008

wala man oi. error man ang site sayang. ge lng jay ingna lang ko kung ok na ang server. ayus.

2. bluejay - September 21, 2008

Unsa na error imo nakit-an?

Ummm… naa man to problems last time pero basin na fix na karon. Pasabot ba nimo katong e-mail confirmation?

Cge, specify daw details kay ato i-report ka sir val. 🙂

3. nyl - September 29, 2008

Nganong ang IC man gamay ra ayo ang computer…sa nodal hinay ug internet connection..huhuhuhuhu..


4. bluejay - October 2, 2008


ana nga mga butang, wala jud koy matabang. eheh
kutob ra jud pud ko sa paglantaw. maning-tiil na lang jud ta ana sa atong kaugalingon ug mangita ug paagi nga mapun-an ang atong mga kahibalo sa kompyuting, eheh.

Anyway, you always have the web to look for almost anything you need; and there’s always an Internet Cafe in a very low cost that you can utilize for learning. Also, instructors there are great so I advice that one should listen well and must find their own way to make the most out of it. 🙂

5. valQ - November 8, 2008

aesthetic overhaul is on deck with IC web site. wait and see.


6. bluejay - November 13, 2008

I’d love to see that! woot!

7. francis - December 6, 2008


8. ramyer - December 17, 2009

ohhh..expired site na mana..hihi

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