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Pain of Life and Vanity April 10, 2008

Posted by bluejay002 in Literatures.
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Pain of Life and Vanity
Jay Albano
(03-25-2008 10:04 +8:00 GMT)

Life is complex and often misunderstood.
It is partly composed of vile experiences that we, ourselves, caused.
We subdue others for our mistakes.

Yet God cares for us, you know why?
Because He does not look of what we are now
But He sees what we could become if we only understand His love.

He is jealous not because of what we have
But he is jealous of things He knew we could have,
Things that could make us better yet we do not have.

His love is simple yet amazing.
It is unmeasureable in any means we could think of,
And He gave us this love without reservation.

The passion of life is often subject to constant changes
because we could only hold on things so much
nothing more and most likely tend to keep it lesser.

God’s love is incomparable, loving us no matter what we are.
A care no one could ever give.
He is always inside you, knocking, waiting.

Open your heart and you will understand.
Choose righteousness and you will see His greatness.
Choose God and you will realize everything else is vanity.



1. Mae - May 8, 2008

Hey jay,

Nice poem. I haven’t realize you could be this poetic. LOL
God has overpowering love for us, too much. He gave us life to live to begin with. God is indeed good.

2. bluejay002 - May 8, 2008

Well, thanks! to God be the glory!

It’s been a while since I last wrote one so I decided to write and post it over the web… well, through blogs that is. Thanks for the comment!

3. Sakura - May 8, 2008


You had your first comment Sir Jay!!!

Awesome…i haven’t realized you wrote those poems….keep it up!

God is Good….all the time…

Yes….burger! burger! ;=)

Edited: 05-08-2008 12:07 GMT +8

4. Sakura - May 8, 2008

i got some error…

it’s “God is Good….all the time…” (kindly change)

Calling “Sir” is showing respect…don’t worry you’re not old enough yet young to be called..Bwahahahah…


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