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Rice price crisis or food crisis April 12, 2008

Posted by Sakura in Current Events.
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For just a few weeks, almost all the places in the Philippines suffered and get affected about the looming price increase of rice. Almost all of the topic on media publications, newspapers and Televisions had a very huge topic about the rice crisis. For just a period of time, the price of commercial rice were keep on increasing and shortage of local have been in demand. Wheats, corn and sweet potato had increased its amount as particular economic good or service that a consumer or group of consumers will want to purchase.

The country was in great affected that there is lack of rice supply. Almost all rice increases its price. Not only rice but the other goods which is basically purchased and commonly eat.

Shortage of rice had come for so many reasons, some where is of bad weather condition and the farmers haven’t got enough supply of fertilizers in order to enriched the planted rice and only harvested for almost 50% to 70% of their usual harvest.

Government agencies and the administration had several actions in order to minimize the problem but still haven’t got its alternative way. That is why, people from different local groups post for protest to at least take some concern about the price of rice–to at least lower its price.

Many people had been affected of this dilemma, especially to those who were poor and can’t afford the looming and increasing price of these basic staple. They are the one whose very affected on this crisis. For the daily income of some family they be able to meet the cost of rice, but for a sudden news of shortage of rice, families from different places had a worst manifestation to cope up the shortage and be able to
face the worst really in turmoil.

Rice crisis was brought a huge problem in the country and to the people. The lack supply of rice means not only a rice crisis but a food crisis itself. If the price of rice will continue its increasing status, for a no period of time basic goods like meats, fish and vegetables will tighten its competency to increase its price. So must the people will suffer and get more affected.