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USEP Institute of Computing Department – NEW WEBSITE! August 27, 2008

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You read it right! The University of Southeastern Philippines – Institute of Computing Website has a new look! It is not new as in totally new since USEP-IC already has a website before but as the time pass by, it became less and less popular. But now, it has been revived and has come up into something that goes beyond my expectation. So its new since its totally overhauled… from the look down to the organization, from contents down to dynamic information display.

click here to take a visit: http://www.usep.edu.ph/colleges/computing/

A great buddy of mine, Rolly, send me this link when I was working, and then another message followed saying, “Joomla”. I was wondering and replied, “???”. Laugh all you want, how should I know! To be honest and I do not mean to be harsh, the previous website did not catch my attention at all (all those heavy graphics and with an aura telling me, don’t return to this page, eheh). But when I get to this link… and at first glance, I got this chills, and have something in my mind, “Is this something new?!”, with an expression telling me that it did goes beyond my expectation. It was a nice site.

What makes me to like the new website is because it has more information than before and yet well organized. Am not so fond of heavy graphics and all. What I want to see was a simple yet professional looking website… and this one is freakin’ great! Of course I could not tell something totally great, it is yet to be improved but definitely a great big leap from the previous one. It really looks like Joomla though, lol.

Great work to the USEP web master and the developers behind it! Hope to see more developments to it. 🙂


I had a lot to look though about this website so I will add some more info soon.


How to promote your blog? May 7, 2008

Posted by Sakura in Tech Notes, Techie Updates.

For several months, I keep asking myself on how will I promote my blog site? For any other reason I had said to myself, “Why should I have to promote my blog either?

Blogger forums and community for a start in order to promote my blogs. I joined several online blogger groups in order to update and review my sessions in blogging. I had friends and even exchange links to others for my blogs to be read.

I asked my online friends on how they’d be able to increase their blog status higher as they expected. They gave me some of the points to learn. The top three points where;

First, my blogs should be professionalized and personalized. I should sticked on a topic that tops the hit chart online. It doesn’t mean all the time that you go on to the topic that almost all bloggers talked about. Be imaginative enough to deliver your own concept of blogging. And do update your blog/s as possible.

Second, if other blogger/s do some comment/s in your blog. Do visits their sites also and leave some comment/s. It will increase the possibility that others may click your link site and increase the status of your blog. And if there is no comment at all, do blog hop and be the first to comment to those sites you’d like to read or gets your interests.

Third, go on to the forums or groups. It might help your blog increase its status in a little way but at least you’ve gained friends on the net and be able to exchange links to them. Advertise your blog to them. Sooner or later you might get the status you want on your blog.

Finally, if the three above mentioned where no used either one. Maybe you better find some alternative to increase your blog status.

In desperate, I followed all three steps in order to increase my blog status and in surprised, although it is not high as what I expected it seems a good thing for me to have visitors and had some comments a day.

Totally, I enjoyed how blogging works. Maybe in others they do it differently as what I had but as a whole, whether it is bad or good, it is completely views.

Each bloggers had their own concepts on how to promote their own blogs. Whatever it is? how they be able to apply it? where they want to have?… is absolutely up to them.

So?…how do you promote your blog?

PHP: Working with Japanese Text April 19, 2008

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Unlike English text, Japanese text behaves differently. It is because Japanese characters itself is a combination of other Japanese characters. This case we call them mutlibyte, unlike English characters which are stored in a single byte.

I have been troubled the first time I got to make a website which needs to handle Japanese characters, both input and output. To make things easier, I will have let you see this checklist when working Japanese Text:

Choose which collation you are going to use
There are several collations that you can choose from. I will suggest two:
1. UTF-8
2. Shift_JIS
These are the commonly used collations.

If you plan to make websites that would handle Japanese text (with some English text on it), then Shift_JIS would do. It has a large collection of Kanji that you can work with (Check other Japanese websites, they usually use Shift_JIS). Also, with Shift_JIS, you can easily translate it with no problem at all to UTF-8.

If you plan on making a website that would later cater other multibyte characters as well (e.g., Chinese), then UTF-8 would be better. UTF-8 got a rich collection of kanji but changing to a different collation would make some of your characters unreadeable (since some cannot be translated perfectly).

Configure you IDE in accordance with the collation you are going to use
I have encountered problems before when I tried using Shift-JIS as the default charset and I tried saving it in UTF-8 format. It did not display characters correctly.

Specify the charset in your website
You can specify the charset of your website at the meta tag inside the head tag:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=shift_jis" />

Set the collation in your website
To save your data as how it should be, the database should have the same collation with your charset. otherwise, you need to change literally change the encoding in PHP which would take some time during translation, its not really that long though.

If this is the case, use mb_convert_encoding() function in PHP. This is really handy when an existing database is already set with critical information, though in this manner you cannot expect to work perfectly in all cases.

That’s it! Wit this you should be ready to make website in Japanese, the rest will rely to your skills.

If you find this helpful, or if you have comments, suggestion, corrections or additions, I would really appreciate if you would drop some comments.

Happy programming! God bless!

Blog Rank April 15, 2008

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Evolution of technology gets even higher. As the world wide web increases its demand, it invades the most and common senses of all human being. It gives an alternative way in living the works more easier and interactive.

For the fast development, almost all computer users do blogging. Having a dairy and/or journals in a usual way that is done on a notebooks or commercial dairy notes. Here’s an alternative and most recommended way on doing those self stories, opinions and sharing views online. Even when you want it publicized or suppressed, still like in a natural dairy you can be able to manage it in a way you wanted.

The world of blogosphere looms for just a period of time. As everyone is writing their thoughts online, discussing series of articles online and sharing views online, no doubt that the blog ranks higher as it takes.

Blogs increases its popularity online. It increases its preference that almost all computer users, students to high officials in the government do blogs. Its capability ranks high for everyone is writing online.

Sites have what it takes to make blog ranks in a higher position. As the community evolves and moving faster, so as the blogs. In another own way, blogs itself ranks to the top.